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The Atarimobile is a modified Atari 2600 built into a 1978 Volkswagen scirocco. This site was made to explain it's development and to give someone else the information and/or inspiration to make their own mobile gaming system.

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April 2
No major update just yet... I've spent most of my time with OS X 10.0. Fixed a typo in the construction section (thanks for actually reading it Eric!)
Hopefully I'll get going with an update soon.. até mais
side note: I accidentally killed the last few posts using a new ftp prog :P

March 10
I've started moving to
along with some (possibly many) updates; by the end of the weekend things will be shaping up nicely

February 20
You can now connect here using:

February 18, 2001
Well, I'm yer Huckelburry; the construction section is up!

Current Status of the AtariMobile:
I want to get the wood stained darker so it will match the trim in the car a bit closer. Once the trim is setup i'll get the thing officially mounted. More pictures will be located in the concept page untill I make a new setion describing the construction.

February 17,2001
Got everything more or less setup and ready to go. I should get actual pictures of the project up very soon.

February 16, 2001
I just started the website, which will hopefully describe the AtariMobile. The AtariMobile is an atari 2600 system that I have built into my car. Further details will be provided shortly, with the continued development of this website.

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